متن آهنگ 6 6 6 F O R E V E R از $uicideboy$ feat Ramirxz

- $uicideboy$, Ramirxz

29 👁
In the name of,
And by the power of,
The holy spirit,
May we invoke your,
Intercession for,
The children of England.
Some of whom have seen,
Murder so obscene,
Some of whom have been, taken,
Let not another child, be slain.
Let not another search be made in vain.

Jah forgive us,
For forgetting.
Jah help us!
We need more loving.
See the teachers,
Are representing you,
So badly,
That not many can see you.
با ما متن تمام آهنگ ها را داشته باشید
Let not another child, be slain.
Let not another search be made in vain.

Jah calls the ones who's,
Beliefs kill children to,
Feel the love of you and be healed,
And may we all cry too,
For representing you,
So badly, so badly.

Jah forgive us,
For forgetting,
Oh Jah help us!
To be forgiving.
The teachers, are representing you,
So badly that not many can see you.
Let not another search be, made in vain.
Let not another child be slain.


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اگر ترجمه این جمله را میدانید برای کمک به بقیه کاربران آن را ترجمه کنید.
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